TL350 replacement?

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Re: TL350 replacement?

Nice shots Freedo. I especially like Harriet (tough shot), and the sepia treatment on some others.

I've been away from the forum doing stucco repairs, so missed the thread lately.

One thing I have discovered in my short tenure is that the screen scratches very easily, and even the paint tends to scratch. I need to be careful to either keep the camera in a sleeve (an old soft glasses case works quite well), or put the camera in its own dedicated pocket. Not easy to do when carrying other stuff.

My biggest complaints probably could be addressed in smarter firmware design.

First, for the life of me I don't see why you cannot have auto-ISO in manual settings. My main camera is a Pentax K20D with TAv - and simple, excellent feature allows you to set exactly the shutter and lens speed you want - with ISO the only variable. Also, give the user the option to set auto exposure range. It makes no sense that the auto range does not include 80 ISO at all - for highest quality / lowest noise.

Second, allow the user to set a minimum shutter speed in A-priority. My strong preference overall is to set aperture and allow the camera to pick a shutter speed. That doesn't work in marginal light on this camera because the shutter speed goes too far down. It is only practical when using fill flash - and I don't use that often.

I thought the small sensor size would be a problem, but frankly, the difference in DOF in any small sensor camera is not going to be huge. You need a large sensor (at least APS-c) for serious portrait work. This camera is great for moderate macro work. I don't need extra pixels that invariably would come with a larger sensor.

I would want more speed (f/4 or wider) at the long end as a higher priority than greater reach. I really like the size of the camera and would hate to see it get any taller or thicker.


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