Portraits with the 7D

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Mike Ca Regular Member • Posts: 318
Re: Portraits with the 7D

1st picture: I like this pose and perspective. Not a classic portrait, but very appealing.

2nd picture: IMHO the background is too busy for this kind of a portrait shot. I think this shot would be more appealing at f/2.8 to put the background more out of focus. I'm not sure what lens you are using or whether it can do f/2.8, but this sort of portrait benefits from shallow depth of field.

3rd picture: I like the models pose and the background.

4th picture: Like the 2nd picture, I think the background is too busy and distracts the viewer from the model. At f/2.8 the background would more out of focus and I think this would be a better portrait.

In the 1st and 3rd pictures, the background is in sharp focus, but they don't distract from the model because they are simple geometric perspectives. In the 2nd and 4th picture the background is busy and distracts from the model.

Just my opinion.

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