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wayne b wrote:

Unfortunately there are a handful of threads about Contax G adapters, this one seems as good as any to chime in on.

I read most of the threads before getting a NEX (I already had a Contax G system) and the Metabones adapter. So it's only fair I share my experience. I bought the Metabones from a seller in Hong Kong on ebay, since it's not available on Amazon.

It arrived quickly and only took a little time to figure out the mounting (search youtube for the video). The primary lens I wanted it for was the 28mm and it worked, the photos looked good, the focusing wasn't entirely smooth, but good enough. Build quality seemed pretty nice.

Over a few days I switched the adapter a few times between the 28mm and 45mm. Then one day I wanted to remove it from the 28mm to use it on the Contax. But it wouldn't come off. I wiggled, jiggled, used some force that made me really uncomfortable. It seemed the lock switch wasn't moving the locking pin, so it was stuck in the lock position. I emailed the manufacturer and they gave some advice, which didn't work. Eventually I used needle-nose pliers to pull up the lock pin. Obviously you don't want pliers anywhere near the rear element of your lens. But it worked.

There was some back and forth with the seller (he offered to fix it) but I used ebay's resolution system and after some back and forth, he took a return/refund. There are plenty of positive Metabones reviews on here, mine is a mixed review, but I would not recommend buying it from Hong Kong.

I plan to try the Fotodiox, but my expectations are now somewhat low. I'd like to use the Contax lenses, but maybe I have to wait until Sony or Zeiss offers more glass.

I now have a Fotodiox on the 45mm and a Metabones on the 90mm. The Fotodox on the 45 is smoother than the Metabones on the 90. Maybe in time the 90/Meta combination will smooth out as other have reported (its better than the Fotodiox was on the 90mm) . While I really like the results from the 90mm, the roughness in manually focussing it through the adapter makes using it quite difficult due to the "wobblieness"of the more tele image. Manually focussing shorter focal lengths is definitely easier

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