Teacher won't allow my GH2

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photography is like any other skill

It requires some knowledge, but mostly practice - the knowledge part can come from books (except as others have noted, setting up studio lighting, for example, is not trivial and probably best done in a workshop-type environment)

This is where digital has "steepened the learning curve" in some ways over film - you get to see the results more-or-less instantly instead of waiting hours or days to get your prints/negs back - plus, it costs nothing to shoot as much as you want! So you have the advantage!

There are plenty of good (and lots of mediocre) intro-level books on photography. The GH2 has all the manual control you need to be able to experiment with depth of field, freezing motion, and all the other stuff we used to worry about getting right in the 35mm SLR days (plus more besides).

Look online for intro photography books that get high reviews from readers. Better still visit a large bookshop and see what they have. Remember that most of the stuff that works for film cameras is still valid for digital so you may find a good book on film shooting technique that will tell you what you need to know and give advice on composition, lighting, etc. The GH2-specific stuff can be learned with a combination of the user manual and examining the results of your test pics on the computer. Actually that is one thing I strongly recommend - experiment with the various modes and settings in a fairly consistent environment (like a park, or some place with a mix of near and far objects) until you are confident you know how the camera behaves. Then when you take it out for some "real shooting" you are much less likely to be caught out by unexpected results afterward, and using the camera will become a real pleasure despite its complexities.

Happy shooting!

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