All lenses require AF fine tune...worth sending back?

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All lenses require AF fine tune...worth sending back?

I have had the D7k for quite a while now and have been less than enthused with the sharpness of some of my photographs. Though I am sure that my technique contributed to some of the lack of sharpness, I decided to check my AF fine tune for my four lenses. Camera was set on tripod, delay shutter, etc...

Anyways, the numbers I got for my lenses are as follows

Tamron 70-300 vc...-11
Nikon 16-85....-7
Nikon 35mm 1.8....-6
Sigma 10-20....-7

Now obviously, it appears that majority of the lenses required a calibration of around -6\-7. The tamron required a little more. That makes me wonder if those three lenses are actually pretty correct and consistent, but the -6\-7 variation is being introduced by the camera body.

My question is whether I should bother sending the body in for calibration. The lenses now appear to be quite sharp, is there another reason why I should seek to have the -6\-7 focus issue in the body corrected?

If I don't send it in, is there any advantage adjusting the "default" AF fine to -6 and only popping in -1 for the 16-85 and -5 for the tamron? As opposed to keeping the default at 0 and dialing in values for every lens? Are the variations between the different static (in other words, can I just assume the tamron will need a -5 value if I adjust the default to -6, or will I need to fully retest the tamron?).

Thanks for you thoughts

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