Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

kaktusss wrote:

Here's how I reasoned : all old lenses I have are rather soft wide open. For example, I hardly ever use my Rokkor at 1.4, my best pictures are taken at 2-2.8. That's why I thought that the Jupiter 8 would be usable (I mean sharp) at 2.8 (which is fine for me) and the Industar 61 would be usable at 3.5 (which is too much for me). Correct me if I'm wrong about the I-61, which by the way is half the price of the J-8.

Good logic. But...

The J-8 is fine if it was the only 50 you had and may occasionally need f/2, but it's not as good optically as (say) the similarly priced Industar-61 (52/2.8) which has much nicer rendering as well as being sharper than the J-8 and with less CA and distortion.

You mean that the I-61 will be better at 2.8 than the J-8 at 2.8 ?

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. But...

I've read you post about it and it seems difficult to find a good sample :


A good I-61 is better stop-for-stop than a good J-8, but the I-61 seems to be a bit more of a lottery. It also has far better ergonomics than the typical J-8.

There are three versions of the J-8 , the most common (modern, black) having very "cheap and nasty" build with the whole lens rotating with focus, including the aperture ring. The less common earlier versions are more like the I-61 with non-rotating front. They are far less common and tend to cost more.

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