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Re: He explains it pretty well

Mike Worley wrote:

"A lesser reason I don't like to advertise is that unlike commercial websites, no one pays me to say nice things about their cameras. . . . I'll be darned if I'm going to walk around the Zoo with a NIKON or whatever logo on me, for free.

Yet he'll review the cameras and lenses for free. Is that not advertising of a kind? Sure eventual sales through links in the review give him a kickback but a hell of a lot of people will go through his site and never touch those links, and he won't be paid for that.

Ken is not always logically consistent with either himself or reality but the simplicity of his writing has appeal and has earnt him zealous fans. Months ago I wrote a detailed critique of why I believe that to be dangerous, and as recently as 2 days ago I am still being attacked for that critique.

The crux of the problem: A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. When you start mixing truth with fiction, a "newbie" won't necessarily know what's true from what's not and may believe that misinformation, or may become lazy and not take the time to make up their own mind and develop their own techniques.

I say if you happen to hit his site via google (say if you're after a lens review) by all means have a look at what he has to say, but believe not a word until you have confirmed with at least one (and preferably more) more reliable, more stable, more consistent sources.

Can't wait to be flamed over saying that.

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