Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

kaktusss wrote:

Actually, I really love the 50mm focal length.

So do I, it's the only focal length I have in more than one lens...

I'm just looking for a tiny lens that will complement my Rokkor 50/1.4

Ah, that changes the choices; you already have a fast 50, now you want something compact. I can understand that, but I'm not clear on why the compact 50 also needs to be fast. Personally I'd rather have a tiny lens of modest aperture than a bigger, faster lens that needs to be stopped down anyway to make it acceptably sharp.

When I need "fast" I use my Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton (L39 mount) which is very sharp from wide open but rather big by rangefinder standards. Your Rokkor covers the same usage area of course.

However, when I need "compact" I reach for my Leitz Elmar 50/3.5 collapsible - they don't come more compact than that! I'm told the inexpensive Russian copies (Industar-22, Industar-50 collapsible) can be as good or better than the Elmar optically although I have no personal experience of them.

The J-8 is fine if it was the only 50 you had and may occasionally need f/2, but it's not as good optically as (say) the similarly priced Industar-61 (52/2.8) which has much nicer rendering as well as being sharper than the J-8 and with less CA and distortion.

The I-61 is top of my personal league table of best performance/price ratio for rangefinder lenses but the Elmar (or I-22, I-50) is by far the most compact.

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