I normally defend Ken Rockwell

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Clear as mud!

Mike Worley wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

But this he wrote has me dumbfounded about why he covers his lenses with tape to not show info...what???

it is in his website at kenrockwell

Here's an edited version of what he said:

"A reader asks why does he see black electrical tape over the lettering of half of my lenses?

"Simple: I don't like to advertise. It's a tough world out there, so I also have the logo of each of my cameras covered in black tape. I try to stay as hidden as possible. I cover all non-essential lettering on everything.

What self absorbed and self important garbage. Putting black tape on things is a sure fire way of getting noticed not hiding. Does KR also put black tape on his car, his clothes, his television, his stereo, washing machine, refrigerator? I'll bet he doesn't.

. . . .

"A lesser reason I don't like to advertise is that unlike commercial websites, no one pays me to say nice things about their cameras. . . . I'll be darned if I'm going to walk around the Zoo with a NIKON or whatever logo on me, for free.

Now here is the real reason only backwards. What he is really saying is that he is happy to accept money for advertising, but if no one pays him, he won't take the black tape off.

. . . .

"Unlike commercial sites, I do this site for you, not for advertisers."

His site is a commercial site - he makes money from it and he operates it for himself, no one else.

What part of this is unclear?

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