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Re: Tape

Abie wrote:

I still can't believe that there are morons who would pay an extra 70% to have a Leica logo instead of a Panasonic one for the exact same camera.

Again, this here was before digital in the days of film.

There was still no choice between a red dot version of a camera and its Panasonic version.

If he had gone Panasonic in those days he might have ended up with a TV set or a micro wave oven, but not a camera, lol!

And even if there had been a choice between an expensive Leica and a less expensive Panasonic version, I don´t think you can call someone a moron only because he has the cash and simply prefers the well known name over the unknown one. If I could easily afford a Porsche I would never think of anything Toyota or whatever, even if I´d get the same hp or top speed for half the price!

Btw, I think it was in the days when I was shooting my old UZI (2003-2008) when he told me he had sold all his Leica gear and proudly showed me his new tiny shirt pocket size camera, might even have been something Panasonic, lol! For his photography, Leica was overkill anyway.


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