Best landscape lense?

Started May 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best landscape lense?

I mostly use WA for my landscape, just a personal style, I do use the 70-200 IS MK2 and Zeiss 100 but by far not as often as the WA, after all these years trying different lenses including pretty much all Canon WA L zooms and most WA L-primes, I am now settle down on Samyang 14, TSE 17, Zeiss 21, TSE 24 II, Zeiss 35 F2, Nikon 14-24G. And out of the bunch my absolute favor is the Zeiss 21 follow by TSE 17 and TSE 24. And when I can only have one lens and have to have a zoom, it will be the 14-24G, it's a amazing lens, a zoom lens with prime lens quality.

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