Teacher won't allow my GH2

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Phil Douglis
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Re: Teacher won't allow my GH2

I come late to this party, and it has been a lively one. I have taught photographic expression for more than 40 years. I have never placed an emphasis on equipment, let alone disqualified students from my tutorials or workshops on the basis of the cameras they may wish to use. Photographic education is not about the tools we use to make a picture. Rather, it should be all about what we are trying to express with our photographs. Do teachers of writing demand that their students only use certain word processors or computers? Do teachers of painting build their courses around only certain types of brushes and paint and canvases? I should hope not. You would be better served by a teacher who teaches the expression of photographic ideas, rather than a teacher who requires student to use only certain cameras.

Good luck in your choice,

P.S. I currently use a GH2 myself -- it does not make my pictures for me, however. I make my pictures, not the camera. The GH2 happens to be a useful tool for my needs and purposes.
Phil Douglis
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