Teacher won't allow my GH2

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Wow, just wow, do m4/3 users ever get defensive or what!!

Wow... I mean just wow....some of the responses here are just so over the top.

No one even knows the details of the specific class yet your all jumping all over him because in your minds he might of threatened the validity of your precious m4/3 system.

And whats with the Nikon/Canon comments ? Do some of you guys really feel that threatened of how your cameras stack up that your always on the defensive ??

If someone it teach a class on slr/dslr basics, then there are a lot of cameras that they might want to not include, point and shoots, rangefinders, m4/3 etc. Its nothing personal, its just not a dslr and if the class is based around the SLR then it makes sense to have a SLR. Even a $7000 Leica M9, what I think is the best camera on the market today would be out of place.

If, however, its just a class on photography in general, then yes, people can use whatever they want and I don't think its matters if its a dslr or even a p&s

When I took photo classes in college we couldn't even use digital. Were those teachers idiots ?

No. Nor did it mean digital wasn't a valid technology, but the course was designed around shooting and exposing film, including some processing. To have a digital camera in the class would of put the student at a real disadvantage when everyone else was dunking film, and the teacher certainly couldn't go and have take the time to teach that student PS equiv technique. That would be a different class

So just chill out and relax. Your cameras are perfectly fine, and a good and valid choice. Quite a few m4/3 users own BOTH m4/3 and DSLR's and use both for different things. I did.

Also just accept the facts that m4/3 does not match top of the line FF dslr's. Easier to just accept it and enjoy what you've got.

I swear, some of your come off like boy racers in a souped up honda civic when they see a vette pull up. Reving the engine and making the automotive equiv of banging on their chest. Vette's just a faster car, theres nothing to try to prove because its all pointless. Its also 4 times more expensive and not very practical.

So again, chill, get all the facts about the class, learn about the teacher and his experience.

Maybe the same guy who you all are calling an idiot teaches another class on general concepts and is a good guy.

Remember, when you go around acting like you've got something to prove, it really just makes it look like your insecure.

have some confidence in your choices. If you like m4/3, then great, shoot with it and be happy. Who cares what the other guy has.

I just bought a X100 and I'm happy with it. I don't get all bent out of shape when I see a Leica shooter, thinking that he's looking down on me, calling him an idiot under my breath etc


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