Opinions, new lens for 50D!

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Opinions, new lens for 50D!

Hi everyone, long time reader but first post here!

This is the case: i own a Canon 50D camera and im looking for a new lens to fit my current setup and for my needs! I already own Sigma 8-16 for all wide angle action, landscapes, architecture, party pics and extreme sports and a Canon 50mm/1.8 for pretty much everything else mostly for portraits though!

Ive been reading loads of reviews of different lenses, countless different forums and websites and i have pretty good idea of what lenses im lookin for/have intrest in, but now i need a bit of help from you guys to give me some ideas on what to get.

First what im looking from a lens: at least 2.8f, IS would be bonus, IQ is very important, doesnt have to be a zoom, good low light abilities, nice bokeh as i like to shoot alot of portraits, i dont really need the wider 16-30mm end at all cuz for really wide shots i have the sigma and ive been doing pretty good with the 50/1.8 too. To mix it up a bit more, im very intrested in macro photography too.. Dont know if that makes any sense but ask more questions if needed!

As u can see i dont cover much focal lengths with my current lenses and im trying to decide if i should get an all around zoom lens or prime lens that would do at least few thing good. I have shot back in the days with Nikon film slr and this camera is my first dslr and i only have experience with these lenses i own, other than what ive been trying out in the camera shops. All though i know the 50/1.8 is cheap as lens that i actually just bought to get to take pics and save up for better lens, ive grown to really like it. I love the fast aperture and i like its low light abilities! So i feel like i dont wanna go for a slower lens or maybe but it should have an IS then.

I think the 50/1.8 is sometimes way too tight for indoors and portraits in tight spaces in a crop camera so been thinkin about the Sigma 30/1.4 or other similar wider than 50mm prime. But if i buy that i dont have any reach in tele end not much versatility at all. And alot of lens swapping probably. Ive been definately missing the tele end more than the wide between 16-50mm. Thats quite an intro so lets see what i had in mind!

The budget would be around 700-800€ absolute top 1000€ and dont mind buying 2nd hand either! And basically i can buy either one more expensive like Canon L lens or two lenses that would complement each other from like sigma, tamron etc.

Canon 24-105mm/f4 L IS

  • How good does it work on crop and as i have the wide end covered i think this would be pretty good all rounder and love the tele end too. Been trying it on in the shops few times, of course love the build quality but my consern is the f4 is it enough in lower light without tripod.

Sigma 30mm/1.4

  • Would be perfect indoors, in low light, walk around "snapshot" lens

Canon 100mm/2.8L IS

  • For macro action, would make a good portrait lens, maybe a tad too long for crop? awesome IQ and of course the IS and L build quality! Found one of these from a dutch online shop for 660€ wich is a bargain, normal price is around 760€ wich is heaps cheaper than what i would pay here in Finland 900-1000€!

Sigma 105mm/2.8

  • Would get new one of these from Holland/Germany for 419€ and the Sigma 30/1.4 about the same! What do u reckon?

Or maybe Sigma 70mm/2.8 macro wich u would get even cheaper, but i think the focal length difference between this and my 50/1.8 is not that big.

I realize all of these lenses are totally different, thats why i need ur help! Reckon i would be alright with just prime cuz i dont mind changing lenses. On the other hand i do travel alot so maybe a zoom would be handy and expecially in growded cities changing lenses is not ideal. Also do u think would be just better to buy L lens so i dont have to upgrade it later and would get weather sealing and all the goods for tougher climates/weather situations.

Well folks, thats alot of text, hope u have the patience to read it all and i appreciate all the comments and also recommendations for other lenses! Cheers!

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