I normally defend Ken Rockwell

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OP: You're just drumming up more business

GeraldW wrote:

I find Ken often gives some good advice; so I do read his articles and reviews. But then I filter the article through a mental filter made up of some theory, my own experience, and what he said last year which quite often differs from what he's saying this year. When you read his comments on the D3100, you find out what was wrong with the D40 and when the D90 came out we found out what was wrong with the D80.

The review kit lent to reviewers stops as soon as the positive reviews stop. If they're big enough they'll just go down the priority list. Only the biggest publications get the kit as soon as practicable AND slate it with no consequences.

I like his style and find the reviews entertaining, though too often slanted in the products favour (Canon 18-135 IS springs to mind). DP Review it ain't. I should visit the site more often; ironically a visit is prompted by someone on these forums slating him

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