Sigma Noise Comparison: Not Fair part 2

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Re: Sigma Noise Comparison: Not Fair part 2

I don't know. I'd have to see the paddles in person to judge what's going on here. The D60 paddels look articificially red, like they were just painted. The SD9 paddles look rusted, older. Which one is accurate? May not be a noise issue at all. Could be its the D60 Bayer interpolation overstating the red.

Herb Ko wrote:
It' s not that different on a bright red patch; it much more
noticeable on a dimmer red area, such as the red paddles on that
photo on pg 19 of the review. Had you made a large priint of that,
I think you would notice the purple spots on those paddles. It's
also much more noticeable on the ISO 400 red patch which is really
just an amplified version of a lower exposure ASA 100 shot.

BTW. For those who are not on a high speed link and don't want to
download the big jpg's, you can see some of what I'm talking about
on the red "TLC" sign in on one of the crops. The noise is more
noticeable at the red paddles.

William Wood wrote:
The "red noise" seems sort of irrelevant since it shows up in the
green channel, which is almost dark, and the actual red patch (on
page 15) has very similar noise to the D60, despite the high
green-channel noise.

Herb Ko wrote:

There's even bigger problems. Check again, it's
been updated.

I've also posted an instance of this problem that I've spotted on
one of Phil's test photos at

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