My first attempt at PP. Go easy please!

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Dwayne Oakes
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Here are some tips that might help.

Not bad for your first try ! The main problem with this photo,
is underexposed (the models face is not well lit). With some selective
pp which you will have to read up on and not that hard to learn I think
you will get the results you are looking for.

Also note you can only do so much with a small JPEG file and little pixel
data, RAW would be far better with more tweak power and pro results.

Here is the tweak, done in Nikon Capture NX2

1-moved the sliders in (levels) to set the correct exposure as there is still
room left in the histogram

2-added global color desaturation as the colors are a tad over (subjective)

3-(a secret trick) put the photo through NR software which will add a lite
softfocus effect to the skin and remove any blemishs on the skin

4-added a tad of selective USM sharpening to just the the eyes, hair
and lips

5-lightened (dodge) some of highlights in the hair

6-healed out the flash hotspot on the forehead

PS Hope this helps and thanks for posting. For a beginners version
just do steps 1 and 3

Take care,
Dwayne Oakes

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