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Re: A question about Bracketeer

Robin Casady wrote:

Would you mind posting the source TIFFs for your image with the ghosting problem? I'd like to experiment with them. You could reduce them to 50% size, if you wish.

I put three files in the public folder at


These are full-res 72MB TIFFs, so I hope you have a fast link. They came from the same NEFs, but were processed a bit differently than the TIFFs that I used for the HDR images posted earlier in the thread. The main difference is that these files were auto-aligned in Photoshop CS5, using the workflow described on the Outback Photo site. With these files, I still see lots of ghost artifacts in Bracketeer, but HDR Expose manages to remove almost all the ghosts.

I had an email exchange with Brian Greenstone, the President/CEO of Pangea. At his request, I sent copies of my files, but I have not yet received any follow-up. Brian agreed that the auto-align function in Bracketeer is a slug. This code is from the same people who wrote enfuse, and has not been updated in a long time. He is looking for a better auto-align package.

Robin, I like your D2X shot of the rocky shoreline. Is that Point Lobos? I was there last summer, but arrived only a few minutes before dark. Got a couple of nice sunset shots, but cursed myself for not planning more time there.

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