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Re: Comparison of four raw developers: RT, OlyViewer, LR3, Oloneo

G'day again Cat

boggis the cat wrote:

John King wrote:

I have just re-viewed this image in ACR side by side with your comparison for LR. I can say that there is nowhere near as much colour artifacting and moiré in my image (open in ACR at 200%), and it does not show anywhere near the degree of jagginess. Is there any difference between your comparison in your post and what you are seeing on your screen in ACR/LR?

The posted image is a screen-capture into IrfanView, then exported as a "100%" quality JPEG. It appears to be the same on DPR as for the original JPEG.

This really does get curiouser and curiouser ...

The original on-screen results from within LR could be slightly better, as there is no JPEG compression to contend with. But, again, I exported at 100% level from all of the converters. I could re-do these by exporting to TIFF, but I doubt there would be too much perceivable difference.

That is precisely why I asked you for your opinion as to what you can see on your screen. Many times here, I will not post crops, because I have no idea of what the person at the 'other end' is actually looking at. This just leads to disputation with some people, and I really cannot be bothered anymore.

Perhaps there is some subtle difference between ACR processing when used with PS5 as against using (apparently) the same version with LR?

Could be. Supposedly ACR is just imbedded into LR, and I used the latest version 3.4.1, so it should be the same...?

Does LR 3.4 allow you to look at the version number of the plug-in for ACR?

If this has carried this over from LR 2.2, you can find out which version of ACR you are using by going to HELP / ABOUT LR and the splash screen should show the version of LR followed by the version of ACR being used.

However, this may not show the full version number (LR 2.2 only shows ACR v. 5.2).

You could try doing a manual update of LR, and see if it offers a newer version of ACR, maybe.

That this should be the case seems rather strange, but the differences are there, and quite distinct.


I should have known that as soon as I purchased LR it would turn into a lemon, dammit!

There is no possibility of it being imaginary (always a consideration, lol! In astronomy, we call it using "averted imagination" to distinguish it from "averted vision" ... ).

Possibly your better display plays some part. If you are viewing this sRGB JPEG on your monitor and it is set to aRGB along with your software then would that cause a mismatch?

While I can switch the ASUS from aRGB to sRGB, IE8 always displays in sRGB, AFAICT, and understand. Only "properly" colour managed applications are affected by the colour space switch of the monitor! I think I got that right ... :|.

(I have that Asus monitor mentally bookmarked for purchase "sometime soon", BTW. I also need a better printer to go with it, of course. Oh, and my desktop PC has finally died entirely after a long illness, too. ;))

I have just been through all that, as you know. I was going to move my main w/s down the line to the CEOoDO, but when I shoved a spare Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD in to replace her boot drive (a 20 GB IDE ... ), the speed increase of the PC was so dramatic, I decided not to bother ... ;).

The death of one's computer is always sad and traumatic, IME. My commiserations ... :(.

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