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Re: A question about Bracketeer

Julian Vrieslander wrote:

I wonder if they are new to HDR terminology and confusing ghosts with halos .

I doubt it.

From what I understand about the Enfuse code, it is alleged to be free of the halos that are often produced by HDR tone mapping.

Yes, because it doesn't do tone mapping.

Ghosts are produced when you layer sequenced exposures of scenes with moving objects. Some HDR apps use coding tricks to automatically remove ghosting, but I doubt that there is a general purpose algorithm that can be 100% successful.

I think the standard technique is to just use the area from one image with the best exposure for that object. So, you could probably fix a ghost by masking in an area from one of the exposures.

I've Googled ghost removal with Enfuse, but haven't found much enlightening info.

I just noticed that Bracketeer is $20 at the Apple App Store, and the description also claims no ghosting.


Would you mind posting the source TIFFs for your image with the ghosting problem? I'd like to experiment with them. You could reduce them to 50% size, if you wish.
Robin Casady

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