Lament of an Olympus DSLR owner, part II

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Lament of an Olympus DSLR owner, part II

A week or so ago I posted a long message about my conundrum with Olympus. I love my E-30! I still use my E500 for some event photography with the 14-54II on the E500 and 70-300 on the E-30. I have been drooling over the E-5, but still am not thrilled with its high ISO performance and have been crying over the thought of switching to a canikon.

In addition to my E30, E500, 14-54II and 70-300 I have the kit lenses from an E510, Celestron 300mm F5.6 mirror, Oly 18-180, Sigma 24 f/1.8 and a lensbaby. And my Mecablitz AF-50 flash, and ownuser battery grip, and RF shutter remote...

I had pretty much decided to stick with Olympus, sell the kit lenses, Celestron, Oly 18-180, maybe sell the E500 and E30 and buy an an E-5.

Then I noticed the Pentax K-5 review and a number caught my eye, and that number is 51,200 ISO.

Fifty One Thousand Two Hundred ISO.

Weather sealed, and with an 18-55 lens is less than the E5 body.

Now pictures shot at 51,200 are noisy to be sure, but its 12k ISO looks better (at least from a noise standpoint) than the E5 6400 ISO.

And LEGACY GLASS for Pentax looks to be where canikon glass was five years ago, cheap and plentiful. Yesterday I saw a Pentax MF 50mm f/1.2 auction end on ebay with a starting bid of $32, free shipping. And it got zero bidders.

I love my E-30 but darn it, I don't want to buy a $1700 camera body in a dead or dying system that gets its butt kicked in the dark.

What am I missing comparing the K5 to the E5? Every camera has its drawbacks, what sucky part of the K5 am I not noticing? Besides the lack of a tilt/swivel LCD?

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