F mount and I'd get one

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Re: That was predictable

stanislaw stitchanow wrote:

one of the typical I want if....

Nothing wrong with that.

Now he also wants that Sigma implements the Nikon Flashing system, but it must work a 100% LOL. He never mentioned it before.

Of course I mentioned it. You would know that if you read my original post before making this type of careless statement.

Fujifilm did all of this with their excellent S5 Pro, which I owned and used along with my D2x. Although I don't actually recall if it had a full CLS implementation it did work very well with my Nikon flashes.

It also was fully functional with my Nikon lenses, including AF.

That is the role I would like to use a high end Sigma camera for, as a supplement to my main SLR.

What I want is far from impossible but I agree that it is unlikely.

But it is equally unlikely that Sigma will suddenly (or gradually) reduce the SD1 price to $2,000 as so many here fervently wish.

Even their survival in the high end market seems unlikely at this point. Either they change their business model or this sensor is DOA.



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