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You said it perfectly

gmosc wrote:

Lots of people here don't understand how much these forums are used and READ by people. Lots of people read these posts and then go out and try to use the info. Those people don't always take an active part in the discussions.

Because many non-specialists come to these forums that people that know better cannot accept this type of cr@p, like "this camera is great re %$#@ and that one s#cks".

These hyperbolic statements are false, on their face, for a class of cameras (dslrs, for example). Cameras perform differently in different situations, but those differences are mostly minimal Yes, the D7k is much better than the D80 (own both) for shadows recovery. But the D80 is likely the worst ever Nikon re that issue and the D7k is the best (bar none at base ISO, proved by eNo here). But would that really make or break a photo opp in most cases. No way, maybe for some particualr shooting style, the non-flash wedding shooter or the high DR landscape specialists, most other people will never really use that advantage, that requires a good exposure and RAW routine.

The most common issues is this: skintones, or color overall. Oly fans will tell you no camera produces colors like Olys, obssessive types will complain forever about skintones (there's another one now in the lower Nikon forum, juts said he's also going Canon).

Ok, good for them, likely they have come to Nikon already from some other brand, now they Canon, next year it's Sony, ..... They should all get a Hasselblad, but then they will complain the high ISO and AF are horrible ... .

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