Raw conversion and demosaicing issues

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Re: Raw conversion and demosaicing issues

-This is for Greg and his issues with Raw Therapee. I have used this program off and on since Version 2.4. While it did have its problems, especially with orf files, overall it was a great performer for me. However, later versions were problematic. I, too, have been unable to install the Version 3 versions -- but only on one of my computers. I am convinced that the problem is with the file structure and missing files on the computer that does not take the program. My older computers (and I mean really old) do operate on the newer versions. Interestingly, I have experienced a similar type of problem with the free program Photivo. Quite an interesting program that loads fine on the older computers, but does not display some text options on the one that has problems handling RT. Try loading RT on another computer and see if it works. Or, do as I did and try Sagelight Image Editor. I've tried a lot of different converters, including Lightroom, and I like Sagelight the best. A very underappreciated program, I think. It fits in with my workflow: Fastone for viewing and Sagelight for processing.

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