Anybody "done with DSLRs"?

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Re: Absolutely not for me

If you read my posts throughly, that's not what I said to doubt M43 or GH2 spec that I know very well. I just argued M43 will miss many opportunities of precise moments. It will be too late when try to gain initial lock and framing from M43. Spec on paper seems not that much difference but much difference in reality because of contrast detection vs phase detection, OVF vs EVF (how many actually use EVF that will defeat the purpose of small/light), poor handling vs much better ergonomic, consumer lens vs semi-pro/pro lense in DSLR. I can imagine what 200mm+ lens on M43 thru back LCD look alike LOL. I am not completely unfamiliar with M43 as I did touch my co-worker's GF1 for a while. I also read and follow all major forums including M43 virtually daily in DPR. I know what people talking about and experiencing about. You're the minority trying to argue with M43 performance and IQ vs DSLRs. Most M43 shooters actually agreed their purpose of M43 are not for replacing DSLRs for IQ/performance but a smaller package for certain limited types of photography that represented what you see in M43 forum.

Agreed let's enjoy our respective photography as long as you happy on what you got, simple like that.

G Rash wrote:

Since you seem to think that a relatively still subject that can be shot ISO 500 and f/4 is beyond the capabiilty of m4/3 to regularly capture, this debate is not worth continuing. You know nothing about m4/3, and nothing anybody says or shows you will change that. Enjoy your bliss.

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