First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

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Re: First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

Consider this as well: if you really like multiples of a similar shot and have the space to keep them, by all means do so. I don't want you to regret deleting photos you really like.

But when publishing, whether it's having prints made, putting together a book, or putting some shots up on the Web, you're better off paring them down.

Regarding post-processing, I wouldn't do much. Kids in ample daylight (assuming your exposure is correct) will always look great. No need to muck it up. Some items you would consider are cloning out distracting elements (if they lends themselves to easy removal) or adding a slight vignette (the kind you don't notice) to focus the eye on the child's face.

When I process shots of my little ones I'll sometimes do a slight curves adjustment to bring down the luminance of the background and lift the face a touch.

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