D200....worth buying

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Re: D200....worth buying

I have the D200 and advertised it for sale, now I am reconsidering my decision. I bought new D90 from blacks for $650 body new and returned 3 of them within 15 days of return/refund policy. Each exhibited issues like onboard flash underexposed, suddenly the color changed to bluish, would not do preset while my other cameras like D40, D70, and D200 would work properly. Took a brand new D90 kit from bestbuy for $739 brand new and still in the box. The only reason why I like the D90 is its high iso capability and its cheaper price ( I still can't justify the D7000 price having a difference of around $700 with that amount I better buy a descent lense).

I may return the D90 because I am not happy with the skin tone color. With the D200 the color seems very natural to me. Most of the pic as well taken by the D7000 in regards with skin tone is inferior to the D200. There is something in the D200 when it comes in color. I took again multiple photos of objects, flower, people, the photo from D200 is better than what the D90 is producing. I am comfortable taking photo up to iso 800 with D200 run in neat image.

If I will not be able to learn to produce a good skin tone from the D90 then I don't need its high iso because to be honest, how often my photos are taken in low light. I have a descent tripod I can use for low light using iso 100....its fantastic.

I think what will happen is that once you see the color the D200 is capable of producing you will make the D7000 as a backup, or only for low light but for the rest you will utilize the D200. The ONLY downside I believe the D200 has is in low light. But the rest it works great.

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