Colors: a tale of preference and perception

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Re: Colors: a tale of preference and perception

eNo wrote:

With skin tones, it's more complicated than that. People have a reasonable expectation of "actuality" or at least, that when they look across the full set of photos from a single event and subject, they won't get a wide range of variations from one shot to the next. Yet, even then, look at wedding albums or even magazine photos, and you will notice that often the client prefers a different look that conforms with aesthetic preference rather than "what it actually looked like."

A few days ago in a response to the D7000 V D80 IQ thread I wrote the following:

The biggest difference is the larger tonal and dynamic range of the D7000 which I think sees things much closer to the way our eyes see them. We are used to seeing a more compressed tonal range in photographs which ironically can make the D7000 images seem slightly less contrasty. So they look better and worse at the same time. Something that has been confusing me. In fact we are seeing images that are so real they make us question what actually is a creative image.

To expand on this, I think as you say we have an expectation from a good photograph that is different to what we see every day, like a painting we want it to not only record what we saw but in some way to portray what we felt and convey that feeling to others. Is it possible that Digital cameras are reaching the point where they are showing too much detail. The opposite of hi key, low key photography, now what we are seeing looks bland, and every slight imperfection is

thrown in your face, dynamic and tonal range is so large that we no longer see a slightly compressed image of reality.

While I like the clarity of D7000 images I don't like the overall picture and colours as much as the D200. Is this because in our brains Colour and dynamic range also colour gradation are some how linked? or is it a result of too much digital manipulation?


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