Too many problems with AF-S Motors

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Too many problems with AF-S Motors

This is starting to be a personal grip of mine.
I have gone through AF-S motors on

28-70 f2.8 x 2
14-24 f2.8 x 1
70-200 f2.8 VR1 x 1

I think 4 lenses in the last 3 years is too many
dead motors. Granted I've been shooting 3000
picture weddings and that just wears out gear,
but still way too many motors in my opinion.
Anyone else having this much trouble? The
cost of replacing all these motors, I could have
bought another lens.

Lately, I only shoot AF mechanical lenses unless I have
to have the VR or I just don't have another
lens in the same focal length.

I am wondering if I am causing part of this to
happen. I use a lot of electronics now on the hotshoe
to trigger other flash equipment. Anybody know if
Quantum batteries and accessories overload the camera
and cause AF-S electronics to short? I've also had
memory cards fried as well.

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