Finally admitted defeat

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Re: Finally admitted defeat

EXACTLY, there are enough tweaks in todays cameras that one can clearly get the results they are looking for.

what this tells me is the original poster just wanted a new cameras and decided to take a jab at Nikon.


001FJ wrote:

I can completely relate to your struggle with skin tones. For over a year I struggled with getting natural skin tones...I even thought I should've bought the 5D Mark II instead of the D700 (even though I am so in love with my D700!) Then a couple of months ago I finally decided to do something about it and started researching the problem and I came across a forum on dpreview that suggested to use 'neutral' Picture Control instead of 'portrait' with the saturation on zero, and hue minus a step or two (I use minus one step). Ever since then I couldn't have been any happier with the results, oftentimes don't even need the RAW file!

Peter M J wrote:

After two years of trying to get decent skin tones out of D700 ( and latterly a D90 ) I have final given up. I have tried every way to achieve good skin tone including expodiscs and grey cards. I have tried countless nuances of settings and wasted time and money tring to achieve good results.

I have now gone back to Canon with a D7 and a D600. EUREKA straight from the box excellent skin tones and accurate colours.

I will now have the time to take photographs and my family will not run screaming from the room when skin tones are mentioned!

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