D200....worth buying

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Re: D200....worth buying

As a Pro , I look at these "features" and just shake my head. My F4 had every feature I needed to produce paying work. In fact, my AE-1 did as well. Features I want as a sports pro are:

1. Camera works when I press the shutter
2. Camera writes to two different media so I have an instant backup.
3. Camera provides an accurate exposure
4. Camera has accurate color
5. Camera can shoot at least 1/4000
6. Camera allows manual exposure adjustments
7. Camera shoots at least 5-6fps for those times I want to burst.
8. Camera produces good images at 400 ISO.

That's all the features I need.

Some of the stuff I read about people wanting or "needing" just amazes me. My D7000 does more stuff than I could ever ask for, but falls down in some basics. My D2X is darn near perfect.. if only it had a clean 800 ISO.

I wonder how many here could REALLY just get good images with an FM2 and an AI-s lens. That's really more than most people need.

larrytusaz wrote:

My point? Me personally, I go with newer sensor technology over features, but then I'm a mere hobbyist so others may have different views on the matter.

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