Finally admitted defeat

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Re: Finally admitted defeat

"After two years of trying to get decent skin tones out of D700 ( and latterly a D90 ) I have final given up. I have tried every way to achieve good skin tone including expodiscs and grey cards. I have tried countless nuances of settings and wasted time and money tring to achieve good results.

I have now gone back to Canon with a D7 and a D600. EUREKA straight from the box excellent skin tones and accurate colours."

My 2 cents to the original poster... I am afraid you may be confusing "color preference" over "color accuracy".

a) According to DXO Mark 2011, the color depth is higher in both the D700 and
    D90, compared the 7D.

b) Please keep in mind everyone has a different ideal in terms of what colors (and
    white balance) they prefer.

  • You may "prefer" Canon skin colors; however, this does not necessarily mean   Canon skin colors are more accurate.

c) Actually, the more "neutral" or accurate the original colors are, the more "tweakable" the original image (with less noise introduction).

  • I've heard many photographers have nightmares correcting colors that are off to begin with.

If you had stated what you define as "good skin tone" and that you prefer the Canon color profile up front, I think you could have avoided much controversy.

There is no right or wrong to what color profile "you" prefer. This is why we are lucky to be able to choose from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax and others...

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