D200....worth buying

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Re: D200....worth buying

HenryL wrote:

The D200 has been out of production for so long,

2007? is not so long ago!

Seems like a waste to blow that kind of money on something that old compared to later models.

When was the last time you saw a post asking how to replicate D90 colours or D300 colours but many people search for how to replicate D2x or D200 colours. Interesting that one was CMOS and one was CCD, but they both had dual channel colour pre condition prior to analogue digital conversion. After that, the CMOS sensors had A/D conversion done at the pixel level on the chip. And that seems to be the point where people found colour management more difficult.

My guess is that mixing and matching colours in digital requires much more processing power and more complex software, this is possible in the more expensive models D3 D3x where the cost can be justified. The cost performance ratio of new chips and better software and sensor technology has made it possible for the new generation D7000 etc to inherit the D3 D3x technology, but complex digital manipulation is still plagued with metamerism problems (A certain colour can be produced by many different mixes of primary colour, but using the same scale another colour might not be produced accurately.

This is not to say that they cant produce good colours and many of the colour problems we see here are down to user error.

When I see a beautiful flower or sunset etc., I want to know that my camera will capture that image without me having to post process the colours to the extent that I have to remember what I saw. With the D200 I very really have to change colour settings at all, just unsharp mask, and brightness/ darkness. Occasionally I adjust for colour balance/exposure and it is very simple to do so.

If I had to submit a picture for publication in a specialist magazine then I would be quite comfortable that my colours are accurate. Also I don't need a hard drive full of the latest software. John

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