HX100v Comparison with Pany FZ100

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Read the whole message in context, I never said I expected that.

Where you in such a rush to type your mocking comment that you didn't bother to actually read what I said ??

I said IF, repeat, IF there was a night and day difference, in using the CCD fz40, then and only then would I consider that a worthwhile tradeoff for its lack of articulating LCD and slow shooting speed.

Then I said "BUT ITS NOT like your getting anything close to a DSLR or even m4/3 with it"

Gee... Does that sound like I expected it to be DSLR quality ? No! Rather I was simply pointing out that while the CCD is a little better, it still looks like a superzoom and as such, the IQ isn't worth the tradeoffs over more full featured CMOS cams.

Learn to read peoples whole messages in context before rushing to type of a condescending response

Renob wrote:

millsart wrote:

I tried and returned a FZ40. The IQ was a bit better, as its a CCD sensor, but it doesn't have the rotating LCD, doesn't even flip upwards, so that was sort of a drag, and additionally, being CCD, it only could shoot about 1 frame per second.

A slight increase in IQ wasn't a good trade off for a slow and less ergonomic camera to shoot with. While it was better, the images still looked like they were from a superzoom.

If they were night and day better, then I'd maybe consider it despite its lack of features but its not like your getting anything close to dslr or even m4/3 IQ out of the thing

LOL why would you think you might get something "close" to DSLR with a $399 camera and in my case with the 10% off a $349 cam, it funny to see people compare this with a DSLR. Come on people get a CLUE it's a cheap super zome P&S with a bad ass lens nothing more, but to most how own it, its ASESOME.. Woot love my SONY! oNE last thing I have 14 beers in me...
If I had only said yes...

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