Would you buy a B&W DSLR?

Started May 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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why the need for physical filters?

James Fedley wrote:

I am a huge fan of B&W photography and the ability to create amazing landscapes with a red filter or beautiful portraits using a yellow filter. A B&W sensor would not require an antialaising filter or Bayer interpolation and allows the ability to use colored filters.

You can mess around with color luminance after clicking the "convert to grey scale" button in Lightroom and get the same effect of using lens filters for b+w film all the while being able to apply those filters after your image is recorded. So I cannot see the value of an extremely limited b+w image sensor.

Would anyone buy a DSLR with a B&W sensor?

No, not unless it were an interchangeable image sensor.

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