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Good reference on color management and color balance

Besides the usual internet sources and intro texts, is there a really good reference book/article on color management? I used to do mostly b&w for my more serious stuff, but I'm changing that and would like to go deeper into it.

I think there are some technical issues that people gloss over, like what happens actually with color balance when one changes light temperature. I think, in principle, it's impossible, with just one variable (temperature) to control imbalances. secondly, likely cameras respond differently to those imbalances, depending on CFA and algorithms to mix channels.

For example: suppose you are in a ambient with wall of a certain strong color. Even though the light source may be perfectly balanced, the reflections on walls coming back on subject will distort balance strongly, so that reading a gray card won't really get it right and may even distort results even more, trying to get the "average" temperature. Likely, in such a situation, it'd be better to read the light source directly and let the walls contribution be recorded faithfully.

What do you think?

Thanks, Renato.
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