D200....worth buying

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Re: D200....worth buying

The D200 has been out of production for so long, enough though it's a refurb, it makes you wonder how long it's been sitting on the shelf and how much previous use it had. Previous threads about refurbs have generally been pretty good from very low useage (I got a D60 once with 3 shots on it) up to about 2-3k shots on it.

However spec wise if you're going to spend that kind of money, I think a D90 would be better. You can get one brand new for $800 also from B&H although Amazon right now has some deals on camera bodies with lenses that just started. Better ISO performance, 3" vs 2.5" screen of 920k pixels vs 230k. Things did get better from a 2005 camera to a 2008 camera. Seems like a waste to blow that kind of money on something that old compared to later models.

puttin wrote:

HenryL wrote:

Why not try Adorama then? Then have a used D300 for $950-$1000. Their used products come with a 90 day warranty.

I would just go ahead and buy something used off craigslist. I think if you bring a few lenses and a flash and try it out a little bit, if it works, it should be fine. They are pretty durable in general so unless it's been dropped or fell in water, they should last a long while. I've seen used D200's sell for around $400 so paying $800 for one seems to be quite up there. On the other hand, used D300 go for around $700-$800 so paying $950 for one isn't that bad.

$800.00 is for a refurb and my experience with refurbs has been positive. Pretty much like buying a new camera.

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