[Photos] Mount Tai (China)

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[Photos] Mount Tai (China)

Past weekend me and two friends went on hike up and down Mount Tai - which in total amounts to some 12.000 steps. Mount Tai has a long had a central place in Chinese history - China's first emperor claimed the unity of his empire on Mount Tai and all emperors after him visited the mountain to satisfy the heavens. Nowadays it's a tourist attraction that has turned most tempels into souvenir stalls, but the views are no less magnificent.

We took the tourist way up, spent the night on the mountain, and went down via a less travelled path.

More on http://www.kevinschoenmakers.nl

1. This guy managed to sleep as hundreds of people walked past him.

2. This is the final part of the way up. The temple at the top of the stairs is near the top.

3. Sunset


5. Just before sunrise - notice the moon in the topright corner.




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