First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

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Re: First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

Thanks Reilly!

It's been fun learning and my keeper rate keeps going up (or maybe I'm just becoming more selective

As far as the skin tone comments from other, on my monitor (which isn't calibrated) the tone looks pretty darn close to my real life perception of my son's skin. The last photo has the saturation at +1 (Ken Rockwell's reco) so that one might have a bit more color in it. He's also 1/2 asian, so not sure if that influences how you might think about skin tone.

Either my eye isn't trained or my monitors are OK, but I really love the colors and skin tones I'm getting out of the camera. Without knowing somebody I would think it's hard to assess skin tones unless they are really really off - maybe as I get more experience it will make more sense.

Lastly, with the limited PP I have been doing, I've noticed that adjusting white balance can have a HUGE effect on the overall colors/tone. Seems like something I need to start paying more attention to - anybody have pointers on adjusting white balance or helpful tips?

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Very nice work. Nailed the dog both times right on the eyeball, just like it says in the manual. The kid looks good too. You're on your way!

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