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Re: Is there no room for courtesy on dpreview?


I've given up and accepted what everyone on this thread has agreed upon. Now there is no chance of anyone accusing me of defending him. Now we are all equally hip in our attacks.

By the way. I was putting into words what everyone here was saying, which then was supposed to make you realize that I have a bumbling fool in my house. Sorry you didn't catch the attempt at being clever. Now you know what I mean. No hard feelings.

And if anything, I think the OP has read EVERY post on this thread and recognizes what I thought about him. (That has been my assumption from the start- that he is a passive user of Dpreview therefore the lack of history of posting). He even recognizes that I was one of the few who made attempts to understand his position. And if he was a troll then he is laughing at me for wasting my time. That doesn't bother me at all.

(Just for my own sanity, is Robin a guy or girl name? I know both guys and girls with the name. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable referring to posts of yours because I feel I'm going to say something like he or she by mistake).

And my son by the way is VERY happy although non functional and will always be in care of the state. So nobody needs to feel sorry for us. We are lucky compared to other families with autists. (I didn't say blessed since I don't think god had anything to do with making his handicap)

A side note here... I was talking to a blind musician friend recently and mentioned our son and mentioned that our son never leaves the house so there pretty much always needs to be one of us in the house. I take this as normal but my blind "handicapped" friend exclaimed "what! that's terrible!" Which shocked me because I saw him as handicapped, which he himself seemed to not agree with. I thought he would understand... but it made me think a little.... Either me or my wife has always been in our house when our son is home (he's 12). Seems normal to me, but I guess other people get out more.

Which leads to dpreview. I sort of lead a life that mirrors the stereotypical guy-in-a-wheel chair sitting behind his computer to "get out of the house".

In a loose sense the forums I frequent have become my family. I have been checking dpreview for a couple of years. First the Lumix forums then the D50 now this one. The friendliness of these forums has gone downhill which is probably normal going from consumer cam to entry DSLR, and now to "pro" forum. But I gotta tell ya, the pro musicians I work with, are NEVER nasty like some of these "pro" photographers here.

I attribute that to the fact that musicians work together (most can't play unless there is another person accompanying him, helping each other every moment), compared to photography which is a solitary endeavor. That doesn't always build social skills and makes people see their work as a direct contrast or competition to other photographers. A musician gains by making the other person sound good whereas a photographer gains little directly.

I think that there even might be something hidden in all these attacks here. Lots of people almost seem to feel like they've lost the chance to set this guy straight on how to PP. That seems to have frustrated lots of people. (but this is just a pet theory I have)

So in short, I doubt the OP has mistaken my intent. (unless he confused my posts with some of the others who have "guy" in their username. Yes I've actually thought about that)

By the way, I think he still has the cameras so all is not lost, though I'm not sure he would feel welcome back after this thread.

Guy Moscoso

Robin Casady wrote:

He already sold his D700 and bought Canon.

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