How to setup an external HD for backups

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Re: How to setup an external HD for backups

In general:

The 1.5tb drives were sortof a mid size on the road as they competed to get to real 2tb drives. They were just 1tb drives with an extra platter shoved in and causing heat problems, the engineering was done for 1tb, and the following 2tb drives use the same hardware engineering as the 1tbs but with denser platters (but now with new "Advanced Format" BIOSes which are brand new and causing problems). If that makes sense.

WD made some good green 2tbs which were NOT "Advanced Format", the WD20EADS model. If you find that exact model new, it is a 2tb classic. It works with everything from XP on and Mac. Tigerdirect had the last shipment as far as I know.

Sort of like a 2gb SD card works with everything while anything larger, SDHC, won't work in older cameras. The current "Advanced Format" version WD20EARS is a problem, as are all other Advanced Format 2tbs, sortof a drive equivalent to a 2gb SDHC card (which nobody ever made). In other words, in my humble opinion they all should never have made 2tb drives as "Advanced Format", especially because there is absolutely no need to. They just want to work the Advanced Format bugs out before going to 4tb.

Same with 3tb drives right now. Really avoid those for now, they have many problems just getting them to work right, they're just Advanced Format 2tb drives with an extra platter shoved in, but in a year or two, 4tb drives should be good and standardized, like 4gb SDHC cards are.

Anyway there are some great 1tb buys right now. 1tb will be the new low cost standard drive for a few years and they work with just everything, hardware and software, that uses SATA drives. In the future you will back 4 of them up on a single 4tb easily. That's another reason to avoid the mid-step 1.5 and 3.

A drive dock using 1tbs will work well. There are even USB drive docks with 2 bays so consider those too. With one, you can use the hard drives almost like floppies!

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