Why Sigma? Why?

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Why Sigma? Why?

Here is what ive heard and do not understand... (in no particular order)

Medium Format Alternative? Really... that was new news for me.

Not a replacement for current SD14/15 users? Who else is going to buy it?

46mp? Official statement... now actually equivalent to a 30mp Bayer sensor!

Quality of Sigma SA lenses? Are they on par with a $5,000+ body?... Nope just ask the guys who have converted their SD14/15 to other mounts... unfortunately the best shots ive seen out of the SD line came from an all manual Leica conversion.

Is there going to be a cheaper version out soon... an SD16? I wouldn't hold my breath. That makes less sense than the MSRP.

If Sigma can triple the mega pixel count then can the other camera manufactures? Yes! but they don't because its misleading. Shoot RAW with the 12.1mp D3s then convert it into a "double size .jpg in LR3 with minimal loss of quality! BOOM 24.2MP camera.

Claim 46mp resolution to get people to "convert" to Sigma just to find out its a 15.3mp camera thats technically 46mp thick... You didn't fool Ken Rockwell he shoots .JPG not RAW.

Are mega pixels important? Loaded question SD14/15 4.6MP X3=14mp SD1 15.3MP X3= 46mp IT LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER DOESN'T IT? whats that in reality?

Here's one that the converts might not have thought of! Will the SD1 RAW files be compatible with anything but Sigma Photo Pro 5?... Having to use SPP 5 would more than double my workflow and processing time.

How long for ADOBE support? ... (im my personal opinion) Lightroom3 destroys SSP and if you shoot .jpg (just to keep the same workflow) it defeats the entire purpose of the Foveon senors being the most "film like" digital and the wild claim of 46mp.

No top LCD? can't think of a PRO DSLR that doesn't have it.... and for goodness sake build the vertical grip into the body it's just cooler that way! The 1D and D3 lines are so frign' bad ass and tough... If camera's could be Navy Seals then they would surly be Navy Seals and worth every single penny!

Would it hurt to post a few High ISO samples on the official sample page?...oh wait... it would... sorry i asked.

Sigma I love you but seriously you are making it hard for us.

Rant ended... let me know if I missed anything obvious.

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