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Re: Here is an HDR review I wrote . . .

Enfuse doesn't do tone mapping. That is why I prefer it. Here is a brief description:

Enfuse uses three different criteria to judge the quality of a pixel: Exposure, saturation, and contrast.

  • The exposure criteria favors pixels with luminance close to the middle of the range. These pixels are considered better-exposed than those with high or low luminance levels.

  • The saturation criteria favors highly-saturated pixels.

  • The contrast criteria favors high-contrast pixels. The local gray or color value standard deviation is used as a contrast measure. The Mertens-Kautz-Van Reeth paper suggest using a laplacian filter, but the standard deviation produces much better results for differently focused images.


Steve Bingham wrote:

Yep, just not enough time. For simple tone mapping there is Nik (FX Pro), Topaz, ReDynamax, and Lucis (amoung others). Some will even do mapping on selected areas as a PS CS5 plug-in. Others won't.

Price ranging from $20 to $250. Currently I also use ReDynamax and Lucis . . . but Lucis is very pricey.

Robin Casady wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am working on some HDR images right now! Here is a review I wrote some weeks back. I think it might answer your question - or at least get you headed in the right direction.
I often find myself switching because of some particular need.


Steve, you should include one of the GUI programs for Enfuse.

Robin Casady

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