First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

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Re: First photos posted on forum - C&C appreciated!

Thanks jimbo!

Totally agree on the hood...had a brain fart that day for whatever reason. Silly thing is that I keep the hood on the lens reversed so it literally was on while shooting, just not the useful way.

In the second dog shot, I can remember/tell if that is flare or a blade of grass. I was literally on my stomach and had the camera sort of below the grass, but you're spot on about the hood either way.

Would love other feedback from folks. Particularly thoughts on PP - adjusting white balance, picture controls, general adjustments, interesting crop ideas, etc. Also thoughts on focus. I haven't done any fine tuning, but seem to be getting results that I'd expect with my untrained eye.

I play around with stuff in PP but I have the hardest time telling which version/adjustment looks the best. Think that will be my next set of reading and experimenting, besides non-stop practicing.

Thanks again, keep the comments coming.

jimbo68 wrote:

Very nice.. You really need to use the lens hood. Notice the second dog shot has some flare under his chin.

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