My 5D just self-destructed today :-(

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My 5D just self-destructed today :-(

I don't know what to say ... when I was taking pictures, its mirror just shattered and fell off (see picture below).

Details: it was on a tripod, had the 17-40L lens mounted on. I was taking picture of a waterfall but I did not have my cable release with me, so I used mirror lock-up. Now, let me say that I have been using a SLR for 13 years, and generally I know what I am doing. I did not change lens when the mirror was locked up or anything (in fact I did not change lens during this whole time). the camera did not fall from the tripod, the tripod did not topple over, etc. After taking some pictures, I decided to put on a polarizer (I also did not have my ND filter with me today). The camera was on the tripod the whole time. I took off the lens shade and put on the polarizer. I am certain at this whole time the mirror was not locked up (it took me some time to fetch my polarizer from my bag; even if it was still exposing (which I am pretty sure it wasn't; I finished taking the previous picture before looking for my filter), it would have been done once I found my filter.

Then I noticed the viewfinder became very dark and the image became very blurry. At first I thought I put the lens on MF. But it was on AF. I tried to manually focus, but the image still looked very blurry -- there was no way that I could get it in sharp focus. I tried to expose a frame anyway, then the viewfinder went dark and never brightened.

Eventually I took off the lens and to my horror, the mirror broke and fell off!

I am speechless. I've used 6 SLRs (3 film and 3 digital) and have never seen anything like this. What could have happened?

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