Applescript and/or Automator experts

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Applescript and/or Automator experts


I'm hoping there might be an expert lurking on dpreview and/or someone who can point me to someone who might be able to help. I need to get a complex-ish automator set-up with image capture that will do the following:

1) automatically download images from a card when inserted
2) delete the images from the card
3) rename the file with the camera model from the exif data
4) move the files into a folder with the camera model as the folder name

5) run some kind of "find & replace" to replace the camera names in the files with alternative text string dependent on the camera model it find.

What I am trying to achieve is will be having someone downloading hundreds of photos from 6 different cards (each from a different camera) so that the person downloading the images doesn't have to memorise which card is from which camera and then rely on them putting them in the correct folder etc I want to try and automate as much of the process as possible.

I have managed to get automator to change the file names to include the camera model but more by luck than judgement and its not automated.

If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction that would be fantastic, especially as I'd really like to get this up and running in time for the weekend.

many thanks in advance


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