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Re: Is there no room for courtesy on dpreview?

gmosc wrote:

Yeah, it's easy to attack a bumbling fool.

When I got a handicapped son I started to look at the world differently. I also start to see the sadness in how people with total control of their senses attack each other and how they attack weaker people. In this case the OP probably isn't the most up to date on tech, and the ones here who have it easy with modern tech don't see that it is possible someone gets lost within it all. It's sad. It's like they smelled blood. Someone weaker then them now deserves to be ridiculed.

They can then also say that he is a troll. Nice try. It's obvious he isn't, just confused. But once he is labeled a troll then the attackers get more courage to jump all over him. Shameful if you ask me. But you can't legislate courtesy or manners.

The saddest part for me is the 2 or 3 people I respect on this forum joined in on the free for all on the OP. Heck maybe they had a bad day and lost some photo gigs to some incompetent hacks and feel the need to take it out on this guy. Ok now they feel better.

Now that everyone feels better about putting this guy in his place we can all go on with helping each other for the ones who care to stick around.

Guy Moscoso

You complain about people being rude to him, but here you are calling him a bumbling fool and comparing him to a mentally handicapped person. I think that ranks up there with the most insulting post in this thread.

Go read the OP again. This guy didn't come here to ask for help. He walked into a biker bar and shouted, "Harleys suck, and I hate them." He already sold his D700 and bought Canon. He doesn't want to know how to get decent color from a D700. He just wanted to bitch about how Nikon is responsible for his failure. He came here with an insult and got shown to be a fool.

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