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JulesJ wrote:

Zane. You seem very keen to justify the purchase of your 7000.

Justify? Nope. I've just blown away at how superior it is in so many useful ways. To flip it back to you, I can see much gnashing of teeth is loosing bragging rights to a much cheaper camera.

Don't worry it's a fine camera I'm sure. but you don't need to, and should knock the D2x which is a pro camera which yours, I'm sorry to say, although a great camera. is not.

I'm much more in the camp that suggests:

1. It the photographer more than the gear.

2. Having just said that, in this insanely competitive economy, one should be best equipped to compete (again on low entry cost versus best value). I have a buddy that tries to make a go of it in Escondido and he says there are 400 portrait photographers in the yellow pages..... Having outdated gear just makes it that more challenging, and yes the D2x is a good camera, but is seriously outdated. Video is creeping steadily into the public realm as a desired service from the marketplace; it won't be long until it is the norm. Trying to compete against the D3x, D3 and D3s and the handy D700 and now a D7000 and not to mention all the fine newer cameras from the Canon camp are serious concerns.

3. Being able to shoot without all the lights is also important. Not all portraits are in the studio. The D2x has great color but has noisy shadows outdoors in general and can't hold highlights as well in bright sun. Wedding portraits in dim light and in bright sun are just too challenging for the D2x without a flash.

just because years have passed between the issue dates doesn't really prove anything. not having a certain feature is not in itself a worse thing. It's about what it does have and how well that works.

Yes, how well it works is the point isn't it? The D7000 has better results across the board . I have both, and the differences are striking. The D2x only has slightly better colors, but it is better than the D3, D3s and the D700 and all the Canons too. Slightly better colors are only valuable without blown highlights and noisy shadows.... With the Color Checker Passport, the color differences are a moot point. I'd suggest that all pros and serious amateurs should be using the Color Checker Passport if they are indeed committed to optimal IQ anyways, so the only slight advantage falls away.

So why start out unable to compete with all the better and newer cameras out there? The change-over cost is minimal. Besides the D7000's low cost/great value makes it that much easier to buy a backup unit and every pro is totally nuts not to have a backup. I'd get the D7000 as the first choice for a low-cost and high-value camera and use the D2x as a backup. The conversation here is about low entry cost and best value. The D2x only meets the low-cost criteria but fails on the best value available criteria.

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