D200....worth buying

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Re: D200....worth buying

perroneford wrote:

I don't know what you're shooting, but for that price, why not look into an older pro body? I recommended a D200 for a good friend as it was right for her, but I bought a D2X and D2H for my needs. I wouldn't trade either of them for two D200s.

Of course, everyone's needs are different.

In the UK the D2x price is still very high! I dont know what the US price is. Also while D2X has slightly better mechanical features it is much bigger and heavier, ISO is I think slightly worse and The Nikon designer of D200 said it had better colour hardware.

The metering focussing and speed of the D200, is I think in the good enough category and this being the only CCD camera that had the dual channel chip for speed but also see the following from the D200 brochure:

An added benefit of the image sensor’s 4-channel output is that it allows the D200 to adopt the advanced image-processing engine of the D2x.

Combining color independent pre-conditioning prior to A/D conversion with advanced digital image processing algorithms, it raises the level of precision achieved by a high-performance system LSI processor. As a result, it provides fine color gradations with consistent and smooth transitions, all rendered exceptionally well throughout the selection of available color modes.


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