D80 x D7k IQ tests

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overstating results

Mr Physics wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

This is a crop of the Bottles. I matched carefully the whites in the doll, including color and luminosity. Now observe the bottom part of these, in particular the right part. D80 looses control of both color and tone gradation, D7k presents a superb rendition of the whisky tones.

Is not the D80 presenting a good rendition of the whiskey tones? The D80 looses control? Isn't that overstating the result, sir?

I don't think so. But you need to have in mind that differences between results for same sized sensors, even generations apart, are never going to be night and day, like a P&S compared to a dslr.

I can barely see the better DR in the "aged 18 years" label and that is because I'm looking real hard for it. The differences in the whiskey tones may or may not be related to the superiority of the "light writing" hardware/firmware or may simply be due to a small, subtle difference in lighting (perhaps someone shifted the lightstand every so slightly when bumping into it?).

No, no shifting, no change in lighting, I was very careful with that. The difference is in the right bottom area, where the D80 turns the darker tones into shades of very dark gray, whereas the the D7k keeps the colors and just reduces brightness. This is a particular property of the sensor, it was shown by eNo to be better than even the D700 at base ISO in that respect.

rhlpetrus (sorry I didn't pick up your name yet), you've done a good comparison here. I'm learning somewhat from your efforts. Thank you. But I really have to struggle to see the subtle performance differences between these two machines. It is hard to present a good test to highlight the the differences (to hold all of the necessary variable constant) and you've done a good job at it. But the fact that we have to really struggle hard to find the IQ difference says a lot to me.


The differences are small, but in this case bigger than in many other comparisons of different sensors. Check the shadows recovery here, it's very easy to see how much noise (and lack of color gradation) the D80 shows, compared to D7k.


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